After changing from grandfathered Anthem PPO to Anthem Pathway PPO, I find the GP, endocrinologist, opthamologist, dermatologist I have seen for years, plus my new orthopedic surgeon, are not in network. This insurance is worthless.

Bruce in SF Bay Area East Bay

Just last night, at San Joaquin Hosp – in ER – they charge 65% more if you use your insurance! So I paid cashed and saved a whole lot of money! They claim Blue Cross says they can charge it so they do, whether it’s justified or not. Health insurance is sucking the life out of me!

I just bought an individual PPO from Blue Shield-Ca. Gereric drugs were supposed to be covered and not subject to deductible. Now i get a letter saying they made a “mistake” and generic drugs a re subject to yearly $5,000 deductible. Anybody else experience this? Please contact me.

Marshall van Wormer in Los Angeles

I also want in on the lawsuit against Anthem Blue Cross. I have been told repeatedly by both Covered California and Anthem that they “couldn’t keep up with the provider changes”. And we the patients are being penalized. There needs to be a remedy!

I researched diligently to make sure that PAMF would be covered by Anthem Blue Cross. I was reassure by Anthem several times that PAMF was in the network in early 2014. Anthem provided misleading and inaccurate info. I wish to be included in the member class for this suit.

A Illescas in Redwood City, Ca

WellPoint/Anthem B/C PPO nurses target patients with chronic disease, bully them to the point of physical illness, abandon their care and negotiate huge pay increases to providers to deny care and falsify medical records to cover up the denials of care and progression of untreated illness.

I researched diligently to make sure that Stanford would be covered by the Anthem BC PPO plan I chose through the ACA. Bait and Switch. Then I was told by Anthem that the doctors were wrong, they were in network. The doctors of CA and Anthem had a staring match. The doctors won, patients lost.

Had to call 911 for my wife, but Anthem won’t cover the “out-of-network” ambulance, just how do I select an ambulance service when calling 911?

After paying $160.00 per month for two years (only to have any physician visits applied to the $4,000.00 yearly deductible) I just received a letter from Anthem that my plan will be dropped – but “don’t worry” they have options for me – the new rate is $343.78 per month with the same deductible.

I signed up w/ Anthem Blue Cross thru Covered CA at the end of Jan 2014. They said my provider – Palo Alto Med. Fnd. – was in-network. I’ve just found an article from Dec 16, 2013, in the Santa Cruz Sentinel that says PAMF has chosen not to participate in Covered CA’s Anthem plans.
Smoking gun.

Sad validation! I have been dealing with this EPO issue, pregnant, since the beginning of the year. First finding my OB didn’t take the plan a month after being assured on both ends they did, now in trying to find a pediatrician. Anthem site lists hundreds of “in-network providers” and none take it!

I just read the story regarding the lawsuit against Anthem Blue Cross. I want in on this lawsuit. I’ve been saying they pulled a Bait & Switch for months. I’m so glad to hear I’m not alone with these concerns.

I am so relieved that you are taking on this horrible Anthem Blue Cross “Pathway” problem in CA! I have been disgusted and frightened as one after another of our doctors suddenly doesn’t take our insurance. My dealings with Anthem have been a total nightmare. Broken website, delays, misinformation

Wondering why Aetna continues to increase the costs of prescriptions my wife has been on for over 7 years. I feel the disability “Donut Hole” will be purposely reached sooner because they have raised the cost of the prescription co-pays over 100% in the past two years. ???

Anthem Blue Cross. Similar but different fraudulent tactic as their out-of-network policies. Inflated, misrepresented billing summary. Received first notice of new policy at $1200.00 . Separate next letter is a billing Summary at $2323.00 per month. They insist on $2323.00.